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RentalSpec Ltd, Cardiff, offers its customers a CAD design service for the design of bespoke parcel cages, stillages and trolleys, and we turn out cages for a wide variety of applications and uses from our UK factories. Sizes vary, as do the requirement for doors or hatches, secured doors or hatches with locks, static or wheeled cages, shelving, powder-coated finishes of given colours, and load bearing capacities.

Whatever the client's need, we have a solution ... with our bespoke parcel cage and stillage design service.


Parcel cages

CAD software designed, manufactured in the UK for a vareity of uses and functions, static or mobile, with shelves or locks...


Parcel cages take a huge amount of abuse from forklift trucks, and so we design our cages to suit - and to last.

This cage was built using box section uprights to offer maximum protection of the products, and to try and limit the need for repairs.

Cages can be made with different levels of security from cable ties, padlocks, or built in latches with locks.  


 This is a typical budget cage with doors, locks can be fitted.

 This is a budget parcel cage with no doors.



This static parcel cage has a door with a clasp, and can be locked. It can also come with internal shelves fitted, and the shelves can be detachable.

The raised platform and the legs allow for movement by forklift truck without damage to the goods within.


Bulk handling cages are designed to be as big on the inside as possible.

Bulk cages to allow fast movement on and off vehicles or around distribution hubs.

Parcel cages can have open fronts or multiple doors to help load and unload products.

Small parcel cages are often ised for moving from picking stations to despatch, with a half-drop side for easy access to the base of the trolley.





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